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David Joslin has been one of my favorite media professionals for a long time. His projects are always among our favorites. He has such incredibly high standards and expectations, and at the same time works with an amazingly high degree of trust and good will. It's because of David's leadership that we get such good results each and every time. David possesses a keen sense of rightness about each project. He knows where the bright line of good taste is and he never crosses it. He marshalls all the right resources and quickly brings the project to fruition. He doesn't mess around with doubt or indecision. This is the mark of someone who is the master of his craft. Frankly, we're often in awe at his daily activities. From his Mad Men pitches in Paris against the biggest names in advertising, to his incredibly polished multi media pieces for his clients, David's work is both diverse and sophisticated. It's a pleasure to recommend David. (But please leave some of him for us.)

- Steve Washer

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No matter what the challenge, count on David to deliver a creative solution that makes you say, "Wow!" I worked with David for more than five years and was always impressed with the depth of his knowledge and talent. He is an interactive tour de force who brings unmatched creativity, energy and professionalism to every project. He's also a great guy with a sense of humor that will help you reach any deadline smiling.

- Brad Scholz

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David has impressed me with his dedication to always getting the job done. He excels at evaluating work situations and finding the best solutions. David is also good at pulling in the right talent and resources to get a project done on time.

- Chris Amorosino